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RESHAPE17 | ID #1LW4 | Isolating EarPhones Living and moving in the city means being immersed in a world of stir that, often, is excessive, exaggerated and produce noise. Living and moving in the city means being distracted. We would like to concentrate on important things, ignoring unnecessary stimulus. We would like to block the outside world and create a bubble, at least sound noise. Music on. World off. Music helps us to zone out, to focus. Isolating earphones, small and lightweight as an earphones, private like an headphone. Covering your ears, the earphones clearly communicate "do not disturb" by avoiding mistakes and misunderstanding. The shape of the body is designed to cover the ear completely, without causing turbulence and rustle even by riding a bicycle. The rounded shape reduces aerodynamic noise and allows for a better perception of both music and external sounds. The shape in the internal face has both the adapter housing and the ear fixing membrane, covering the ear, improving the fit and reducing the possibility of loosing it The parts are all designed for 3D printing with both industry-standard technologies, such as SLA and SLS, or the cheapest FDM. See the official Reshape project's page Progetto in collaborazione con Meytal Cohen e Marco Bonanni